Kakuka K16 FAQs

1. Product Design

Q1. The K16 e-bike could be folded?

A1. K16 stem could be folded, which also save more space. For the safety reason, the structure is designed to be stable and safe.

2. Disc Brakes

Q1. Disc Brakes vs. Rim Brakes?

A1. If your budget allows it, it is best to buy a bike with disc brakes. Disc brakes have better control, power, and consistency in all weather conditions than rim brakes.


Q2. How do I maintain the disc brake?


1. Adjust the calipers – Misaligned calipers cause friction through the rotor and pad rubbing. You can adjust caliper alignment using just a 5mm hex key and a rubber band.

2. Brake pad cleaning or replacement – Using a 5mm hex key and disc brake spacer, you can remove the brake pads to clean or replace them. Use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the pads and rotors.

3. Rotor texturizing to restore performance – If your rotors become shiny after some months of use, you can lightly sand the rotor with 200-grit+ sandpaper until it has a dull look again. 

3. How to

Q1. How to clean the chain?


  1. Degrease your chain. Apply plenty of soap or degreaser to the brush and thoroughly scrub all the cogs.
  2. Lube your chain.
  3. Wipe off any excess lube, and you’re ready to ride!


Q2. How to change the kilometers to miles?

A2. If you want to change km to mile, you’ll go through the following settings:

Long press the  button to turn on the LCD.

② Long press the【+】【-】key until enter the parameter setting interface.
The parameters that can be set including: P01 backlight brightness, P02 mileage unit and P05 gear. 

Press the  button to switch to P02, default unit is km.  

Press the【-】key once to switch to miles. Press the  button once to confirm. 

Long press the【+】【-】key, return to the main interface(in miles). 


4. Others

Q. Can I take the K16 on an airplane?

A. Please reach out to the airline’s staff first and ask them what their official line is on the type of battery you’re hoping to bring along. To make sure you get an informed answer and make it easier for them to give as many crucial details as you can on the battery.


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