b. Electronics

Battery Charger Controller
Lithium Battery 36V 7.5AH  Input:100-240VAC Output:42V 36V 350W
Motor Display Lights
Rear XOFO motor 350W,50N.m Integrated digital LCD display AAA cell
Power Assisted Range Throttle Sensor

35km / 21.7miles—70km / 43.5 miles

Twist throttle Speed sensor
Speed Pedal Assist
Up to 32 kph / 20 mph on pedal assist 5-level pedal assist


  • *The range and speed listed for e-bikes are based on a professional cyclist weighing 60kg riding with the 1 level pedal assist in urban areas.
  • *The performance will vary with rider weight, cargo weight, rider /cargo shape (both contribute to drag), terrain, tire pressure, brake adjustment, throttle vs PAS usage, pedal power, battery charge level, ambient temperature, and wind conditions. Under certain conditions, it is possible to get ranges and top speeds that are different from the listed estimates.