KAKUKA is an emerging electric bicycle brand. Our electric bikes are designed to provide urban commuters with a green,
convenient and dynamic travel solution. We are direct-to-consumer, offering high-quality electric bikes at the best prices.
We are constantly innovating to develop the highest quality electric bikes to empower your ride.

Our Products

The first-generation KAKUKA e-bikes were designed as compact bikes for urban commuters. Different from other bulky electric bicycles, the shape of KAKUKA electric bicycles is closer to ordinary bicycles, more fashionable and lighter, allowing you to go on the road easily.

Currently we have K70 Electric Road Bike, K26 Electric Mountain
Bike, and K16 Electric City Folding Bike to cover the most common usage scenarios.

In the future, we will design more electric bikes to meet more demands.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe that electric bikes is essential for a shared greener future.

We are dedicated to creating innovative and stylish electric bikes to empower your ride.

Our mission is to protect the environment and help millions of people to commute in a healthy and eco-friendly way.

What makes kakuka different?

Exceptional Design

Based on a lot of market research, we hope to design a unique electric bike that will impress our customers.


Direct to consumer pricing, so we can provide high-quality electric bikes at affordable prices.

Ingenious manufacturing

We treat every detail with a rigorous attitude, down to a screw, which is also the guarantee of our quality.
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