Why Fat Tire Ebike? - Kakuka Rampage

If you saw an ebike on the road with tires so big that you looked twice, it was probably a fat tire ebike. Despite their somewhat unusual appearance, they still attract attention again and again perhaps because of this.

So what exactly is a fat tire ebike and why is Kakuka planning to launch Rampage Fat Tire Ebike?


What Is A Fat Tire Ebike?

First and foremost, the term "Fat Tire Ebike" refers to ebikes that have tires that are thicker than average. The tires are usually between 8 and 12 cm wide and the rim size is 26″ . However, it is less about the rim size and more about the tire width.

In the tires themselves, the air pressure is kept relatively low. The ride comfort of the fat bike is high even without a suspension fork and the tire volume neutralizes impacts very effectively. At the same time, the tire lies better on the ground, which ensures very good traction and low rolling resistance, making it easier to drive on challenging terrain (like snow and sand where normal ebikes would sink).


Is A Fat Tire Ebike Worth It?

Fat Tire Ebikes Mean Freedom

Fat tire ebikes are especially for people who like to be outdoors often and don't want to stick to road boundaries. Fat tires provide better grip and traction on the toughest terrain. Whether it's wet rocks, muddy trails or winding hills. Fat tire ebikes are coming up everywhere!

Thanks to the improved grip provided by the fat tires, you can go anywhere, in any weather. Kakuka Rampage even comes with IPX6 water-resistant and quick-release connectors for safety and convenience. Enjoy the ride in light rain, snow, and on wet surfaces.

Fat Tire Ebike Provide More Power

Usually fat tire ebikes are heavier than regular e-bikes, but also more stable. Therefore, fat tire e-bikes are usually equipped with higher wattage motors to provide more power and faster speeds.

Kakuka Rampage with 750W motor and Rampage Pro with 1000W motor guarantee up to 80/100km single range and up to 28/32 mph speed.

Fat Tire Ebikes Are Great To Ride

These ebikes often make their way through rough terrain. With the combination of the traction of a tank and the comfort of a memory foam pad, riding fat bikes feels like a dream.

Fat tire ebikes offer more traction, cushioning and comfort when riding. Although you trade speed and weight for very low rolling resistance, the driving experience is unbelievable.

Fat Tire Ebikes Are Good For Beginners

Fat tire ebikes are good for beginners as they are very forgiving when riding over bumpy or unstable terrain. You can ride them fast (slower than normal bikes) and chase around corners, but you can also ride them relaxed along the beach.

This is the advantage of fat tire ebike that the reason why Kakuka choose to design a fat tire ebike.


Who Are Fat Tire Ebikes Best For?

There can be good reasons for switching to a fat tire ebikes. If you find yourself in it, you should think about buying it.

  • They love the cool look of these bikes and not only want to be fast, but also want to be stylish on and off the road.
  • You want to defy wind and weather. The extra thick tires make it possible to drive in almost all weather conditions.
  • You like to ride off-road, but you want to protect your back and shoulders from strong shocks and vibrations. Due to the low tire pressure, you feel significantly less of it off-road.

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