Why a KAKUKA Electric Bike is Right for You

A classic electric city bike-powered for the 21st-century commuter, KAKUKA K70 makes your everyday riding easy and get rid of heavy traffic and expensive gas. The KAKUKA K70 electric bike powers your road rides, allowing you to blend easily into congested lanes and get to your destination before the ice cream melts.

Concealed, Rechargeable Battery

The KAKUKA electric bike's big advantage is its hidden battery, It makes the ebike look simpler and lighter. The stealth battery design integrated into the frame achieve the effect of waterproof and anti-theft. The 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery is fully charged in about 4 hours that can power through 21.7 - 43.5miles on a single charge.

Larger Backlight LCD Display

Another big advantage of the KAKUKA K70 is that it is equipped with an integrated large LCD display which lets you customize your ride and check your speed, distance, ride assist, and battery level at a glance.

Carbon Fiber-reinforced Belt

Smooth & Quieter - No more bike chains to maintain, absolutely lighter weight than a traditional chain, reduces noise when riding.

Cleaner & Less Maintenance - You'll never get a grease mark on your nice slacks or ankle; no need to worry about adjusting your derailleur and messing with finicky gears.

CST Tires 700C x 32C

Smooth riding electric road bike experience with 700C x 32C CST tires which are made of high-quality rubber material, with more resilience, high strength, and wear resistance.

The Rear XOFO Motor

The KAKUKA K70 has a 250W rear XOFO motor that gets you up to 32kph/20mph speed,  takes you where you want to go.

Flat Bar Handle

KAKUKA K70 opts for a flat bar that delivers a more comfortable ride. This upright position reduces strain on your hands, wrists, and shoulders, making the overall riding experience more relaxed.


Better Riding Experience

Disc Brake — More stable at higher speeds and resistance to brake fade. Compared to the traditional drum brake performs better in wet conditions.

Well-built Saddle — This bike seat is sturdy and comfortable,  the full-grain leather molds to your shape for years of comfort. You could move the saddle up and down to make adjustments to fit your comfort.

Dual Reflector & Rear reflector — The e-bike K70 is equipped with a dual reflector on the wheels and a rear reflector, making it safer to ride at night.

Center Kickstand — Safer and modern design with this special center kickstand that makes you be unique among the crowd for commuting.


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