What Can Electric Fat Bike Do?

An electric fat bike looks like an electric bike with wide tires. But you can also describe it as an e-bike with a motorcycle design. No matter what you call them, the electric fat bike looks good and is suitable for many purposes. In the following, we will explain everything you need to know about this and what to look out for when making a purchase.


What Is An Electric Fat Bike And What Can It Do?

A fat bike with an electric motor stands out because of the extra large balloon tires. At the same time, the bike naturally also has wider forks and rims. It's not just about the look, the driving experience is also very special. Before the e-bike, there was the fat bike in a non-motorized form – primarily in Alaska. There you can easily drive through the snow with the thick tires. The tires are between 3.8 and 5 inches wide and are suitable for any terrain with low ground pressure. Driving on sand and gravel is also possible with it.


Due to the large contact surface of the tires, the fat bike sinks less into the ground than a mountain bike. The low air pressure also ensures that the tires have better springs and rolling resistance is reduced off-road. An electric fat bike, usually equipped with higher wattage motors. The Kakuka Rampage and Rampage Pro—with 750W and 1000W motors, respectively—have a single-range distance of up to 80km and a top speed of 28mph.


Therefore, Kakuka Rampage is suitable for all terrain, offer a high level of comfort and look good.


How Does An Electric Fat Bike Ride?


Riding an electric fat bike is particularly comfortable, but riding on a hard surface requires some practice. You can adjust the air pressure a bit on asphalt, but it shouldn't exceed 0.8 bar. On the road, the fat bike makes a special noise, which is part of the special riding experience for fans of the bikes. A non-motorized fat bike is a little faster on loose surfaces than a mountain bike, and a little slower on hard surfaces.

Riding a fat bike with a motor, however, you can really twist the throttle on the street. Furthermore, the motor ensures that gradients are easily mastered. And it offers a lot of grip, which is even better than that of a mountain bike. Kakuka Rampage promises real driving pleasure on all surfaces.


Compared to a classic e-bike or a conventional mountain bike, you can ride a fat bike over hill and dale - the bike knows no limits.


What Is An Electric Fat Bike Good For?

Electric fat bikes are mainly suitable for people who like to explore the wilderness by bike. The oversized tires also make it possible to drive over tree roots and rocks and you can even drive it through sand, snow and mud. Every adventure can be mastered with it.


 How Fast Does An Electric Fat Bike Go?

The 750W Kakuka Rampage has a top speed of 28 mph. And the 1000W Kakuka Rampage Pro has a top speed of 32 mph. Fast speed and stylish and cool body shape make you absolutely eye-catching when riding in the city.

So, tempted by the electric fat bike? What is your favorite model?

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