Thing You Need To Know About KAKUKA Electric Bikes Large LCD Display

It is true that the motor and battery pack are the most decisive components of an e-bike. However, you can't deny that the e-bike LCD display plays a vital role. Another feature that highlights the advantages of the integrated technology is the LCD display, which tracks the values ​​of all the important parameters you need to pay attention to while riding, including speed, mileage, pedal assist, battery, USB charging, and more. The main advantage of LCD displays on e-bikes is that they allow riders to monitor their performance and adjust accordingly.

After comparing the LCD display of most electric bikes on the market, KAKUKA creatively adopts an integrated multi-function large LCD display, and has achieved perfect performance on the K26 Electric Mountain Bike and K70 Electric Road Bike.

Here is the function and operation of the KAKUKA Electric Bike integrated multi-function LCD display.


The KAKUKA electric bike handlebar shell material is made of PC plastic and has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. This material guarantees good mechanical properties of the product.

Display Parameters:

● Battery indication
● Speed ​​indication (Real time, Max and Average)
● Distance indication (Current trip and Total distance)
● Pedal Assist (PAS) level
● Single trip distance reset
● 6km/h Push assistance
● Error Codes
● USB charging
● Customizable parameters such as: Wheel diameter, Speed ​​limit


1. Selecting Speed ​​Mode (Speed/Trip/ODO)
On turning on the display the default mode is current speed. Pressing M will cycle through the other modes in the order of: current speed→Single trip-→ODO. If the current speed is over 0 km/h, after 2 seconds the mode will return to Current speed.

2. Push Assistance 6km/h
Press and hold DOWN to enable the PUSH assistance mode. The motor will cause the bike to travel at 6km/h.

3. Pedal Assist (PAS) Level
Press UP and DOWN to alter the PAS level, changing the output power of the motor. The range of PAS levels is 1-5. Level 1 is being the lowest and level 5 the highest. The default level is level 1.

4. Battery Indication
When the battery is full, all five segments of the battery will be illuminated. When the battery is critically low, the battery will have no segments and will flash.

5. USB Charging
There is a USB port on back of the display that can be used for charging mobile phones and other electronics. The standard output voltage is 5V with a max current of 500mA.
The USB port will continue to function even when the display is powered off, so long as the battery is still charged. While charging the red led at the bottom of the screen will flash. While powered on press M and D to enter into charging mode . When charging is completed, this function will exit automatically.

6. Error Codes
When the system encounters an error, the display would show the relevant error code. Only once the problem/s has been resolved will the display return to normal functionality. The e-Bike will cease functioning so long as an error Code is shown.

7. Wheel Size Setting
The first setting is the speed limit.Pressing Uor D to select a value and press M to set it.Pressing M will also move to the next setting in the following order: Speed ​​limit (km/h) -> Wheel size(inch) -> Speed ​​limit.
Optional settings of wheel sizes include: 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 700C, 28inch.
The default value is 26inch. Please press UP and DOWN to change the wheel size and then press MODE to confirm, entering into next setting.

8 Speed ​​Limit Setting
Speed ​​limit setting will set the Max speed of the bike. When the bike exceeds the setting speed, the controller will stop the outputting of the motor to protect the riders. The optional speed setting range from 12Km/h to 32Km/h. The default Max speed is 32Km/h. Please press UP and DOWN to change the value, then pressing MODE to confirm, entering into next setting.

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