New Product Preview and Crowdfunding - Kakuka Rampage Electric Bike

After the Kakuka K series electric bikes have achieved a good response, the young designers at Kakuka have brought a new e-bike series, Kakuka Rampage, Cyberpunk Fat Tire E-bikes that brings unrivaled pleasure and superior comfort to your rides.

Kakuka Rampage is about to launch on indiegogo, one of the biggest crowdfunding sites, to start crowdfunding. Now let's demystify the Kakuka Rampage.


Kakuka Rampage & Kakuka Rampage Pro

Kakuka Rampage Series is a cyberpunk-style fat tire electric bike that comes in two configurations, Rampage and Rampage Pro.

Rampage is equipped with a 750W Bafang motor and a 960Wh Samsung/LG battery guarantee up to 80km single range and up to 28mph speed.

Rampage Pro is equipped with a 1000W Bafang motor and a 1176Wh Samsung/LG battery guarantee up to 100km single range and up to 32mph speed.

Three Color Options

The Kakuka Rampage Series is available in three color options: Scarlet Red, Baby Blue, and Lime Green. Cyberpunk style shapes and  colors make you the most dazzling presence on the urban streets.


In addition to the Bafang hub motor and Samsung/LG removable battery, the Kakuka Rampage Series has other high-performance configurations. Let's find out.

4-inch Multifunctional Color Display

The 4-inch high-definition waterproof color LCD display, which can still be clearly displayed in sunlight or night, allow you to check all riding parameters at a glance and switch the mode operation of the e-bike.


26x4 Inch Fat Tires E-bike

45° arranged star pattern on the fat tire effectively avoid horizontal slip trend, make cornering more stable. Horizontal blocks ensure an excellent braking force, avoiding slip in sand, grass or snow.


Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

Rampage’s Shimano 7-speed gear shifter and derailleur offers responsive, quick, and precise shifting for you to ride in both flat ground and steep hills with max efficiency and ease.


Turque Sensor

Torque sensors helps the riders to climb steep hills because even if the pedals barely move, the torque sensor still send signal for the motor to assist the rider.

Hydraulic Disc Brackes

Rampage comes with 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes, crucial for effective stopping at faster speeds on all terrains. With riding styles growing more aggressive and varied, a better brake rotor was needed.


Front Suspension Fork

Rampage uses a hydraulic suspension system with 80mm of available compression, preload adjustment and lockout to customize the suspension for different road conditions and personal preferences.


Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is also adjustable to provide better support and to effectively cushion jarring bumps and shocks on rugged roads, reducing your tiredness and allowing you to ride faster.

Adjustable Headlight

Rampage is equipped with a retro-style headlights with adjustable low beam and high beam. Enjoys maximum visibility with 19W LED headlights for superior nighttime driving.


Integrated Rear Light

A 3W LED tail light is integrated with the saddle for safety in complicated traffics.


Aluminum Frame

Rampage comes with a futuristic looking and study structure aluminum alloy frame. You won't even find any weld beads on the frame of Rampage.

Without a doubt, the Kakuka Rampage is a professional and excellent all-terrain fat tire electric bike.

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