Autumn Tips for Riding Bikes

Say goodbye to the hot summer, crisp fall is a perfect time to ride. But there are a few caveats to riding in the fall. Prepare in advance for a hassle-free ride.

Watch Out For Weather Changes

After entering the autumn, there is more and more weather like rain, fog, and frost because of the temperature decreases. We especially remind everyone to pay attention to weather changes when you're riding in autumn.

1. Watch out for slippery roads on rainy days. We don't recommend going out for a ride in rainy weather, but if it rains suddenly while you're riding, please slow down. When riding on slippery ground, the grip of the tires will decrease, and the braking response will also be weakened, which is prone to sideslip. So you should choose skid tires or mountain tires with rough grooves on the surface when choosing an electric bike. The grooves on the upper surface of skid or mountain tires are used to drain foreign objects such as rainwater, mud, stones, etc.

2. Watch out for fog condensation. Autumn is the foggy season, and visibility is poor when you are riding in the fog. You should be more focused while riding and be ready for emergencies. Ride slowly and turn on the headlights to give you a clear view of the road ahead. If the fog is thick, you should stop riding and change to other means of transportation.

Warm Up Before Riding

Unlike in summer, due to the lower temperature in autumn, the muscles and ligaments of the human body will reflexively cause vasoconstriction, the range of motion of joints will be reduced, and the ability of the nervous system to command muscles will also decline. At this time, the requirements for physical fitness by cycling become higher. We need to warm up before riding to mobilize our muscles and ligaments, so as to avoid joint ligament strain and muscle strain.


Watch Out For Temperature Differences

In autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and sometimes there is a cool breeze. We recommend that you pack a windproof jacket when riding. Although riding an electric bicycle does not require high physical strength, slight sweating is inevitable. At this time, if you do not pay attention to keeping warm in time, it is easy to get sick. A windbreaker or a hat is a must for fall riding.

Stay Hydrated

The weather is drier in autumn. If you ride for a long time, be sure to bring enough water and add water in time to avoid excessive dryness of the nose and mouth, chapped lips, and nosebleeds. Please be careful not to drink too much water at one time, so as not to burden the heart and stomach.

Maintain Your Tires and Chains

The tires and chains of electric bicycles are components that are more sensitive to seasonal fluctuations. You should pay more attention to the tire pressure of electric bicycles when riding in the fall. You can also install front and rear fenders on your e-bike to keep out rain and mud. The chain will dry faster in the fall than in the summer, and you'll have to lubricate it more often. But if you opt for an e-bike with a belt drive like the K70 there is no such annoyance.

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore the scenery along the way on an electric bike and watch the leaves slowly turn from green to golden. Save these tips and prepare your body and your e-bike for a healthy ride in comfort and enjoy a wonderful trip.

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