5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With An Electric Folding Bike

Whatever your travel plan, you should consider taking an electric folding bike with you. No matter where you're going, planning to camp outdoors, or experiencing a different city, this bike has the potential to bring you a lot of conveniences.



What Is Electric Folding Bike?

An electric folding bike is actually an ultra-light electric vehicle, but it is different from ordinary electric vehicles. Its uniqueness is that the product is small in size, retractable and foldable, and has quick disassembly, exquisite design, and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

The KAKUKA K16 is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is extremely lightweight. And it adopts a high-end configuration such as a hidden lithium battery, LCD display, and dual disc brakes. The foldable electric bike is a fashionable companion for challenging city congestion, driving outings, and it is also a new choice for holiday gifts.


1. Lightweight And Foldable

Ordinary electric bicycles are generally bulky and heavy, but foldable electric bikes are very light and allowing easily lifted. The weight of the KAKUKA K16 is only 41.5 lbs with an adjustable bike seat. The front bar can be quickly folded and easy to be put into the trunk of the car on outings in the wild, and can be easy to carry on the lift or subway.


2. Security And Anti-theft

One of the great advantages of the folding bike is the portability that you can carry it wherever you go. Even if you live in a small apartment or an RV, you can find a place to store it. You no need to worry about the safety of your bike if you're in an unfamiliar city. KAKUKA K16 electric folding bike integrates the battery into the frame to avoid battery theft.


3. High Quality

There are many people who have doubts about folding electric bicycles, they are worried that frequent folding will cause loose parts and affect riding safety. But most electric folding bikes on the market today are made of high-quality materials, for example, the frame of the Kakuka K16 is forged from all-aluminum alloy without any dents and seams, so you don't have to worry about it breaking from the center.


4. Easily Handle Various Road Conditions

Sometimes you want to go on an unknown journey of exploration, and you can't predict the road conditions. It could be a flat, wide road, but it could also be a trail full of potholes or even dirt or gravel. Therefore, Kakuka K16 comes with CST puncture-resistant tires, which can adapt to various road surfaces while three riding modes mean you'll be ready to tackle any road condition and can easily choose your preferred riding style.


5. The Best Travel Experience

Taking your folding electric bike on the trip, enhance your RV, camper, or van adventures and you'll get the best of both worlds touring. Not only will you have the flexibility to plan where, when, and how you want to travel, but you'll get a great ride that rivals some of the best non-folding bike experiences on the market.


The KAKUKA K16 is perfect for weekend trail riding, market trips, and the perfect city bike for your daily commute. Put Kakuka K16 into your travel preparation checklist and enjoy a wonderful experience.

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