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KAKUKA K16 folding ebike is designed for daily mobility and can be easily driven by anyone. 16inch electric bike, kakuka k16 electric commuter bike, folding electric bike with hidden battery
KAKUKA K70 is designed to provide distance, speed, comfort and safety.kakuka k70 electric bike, k70 ebike with flat bar and larger LCD display, 250w electric road bike
KAKUKA K26 electric mountain bike has the perfect blend of trail performance and power. kakuka k26 mountain electric bike, 350w mountain e bike
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If you want to move around the city in style and you don’t like to be unnoticed, you should definitely consider the new Kakuka K70 ebike: here you are an elegant and sporty electric bike, designed specifically for Urban daily commuting.

- Sardabike

The design is pretty clean. They got all wires wrapped together in front of the handlebars. And once those wires hit the stem, it's all internal from there. It did a pretty good especially for hill climbing and it's got an awesome range too.

- Electric Revolution

The best part is that you can adapt the bike towards your country's regulations by setting the speed limit at a certain value. The pure electric mode can be switch off. Thanks to the quick release cables. The whole process would take no more than a few minutes.

- Tech4all

It's smooth. It's fast. It's a great bike. No rattling coming out of this bike which is huge thumbs up. I do like the fast that the display is incorporated into the handlebars. It doesn't look like an e-bike at all.

- TechTablets

Kakuka Rampage

All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike Is Comming Soon

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